(version for busy people)
Born '73
Live in Cracow
Have wife, two daughters & a dog
Economist by profession
Until recently a marketing manager
Don't smoke
Don't drink
Take photos

(version for ambitious people)
Sometime ago I wanted to be an astronomer, Far away, misterious worlds fascinated me.When I realized that astronomy is more about mathematics than romanticism, I gave up. Then I wanted to be a rockman. I think I was one a little bit. Composing, rehearsals, concerts, beer... :). Unfortunately, playing the guitar was easier than being a real rockman. I was simply too nice a boy. At university gave up my rock music career and started dreaming about working as marketing/advertising manager. I wanted to create something. And my dreams came true - I got job in a marketing department. In the meantime my two daughters was born (obvously I got married first) and in the meantime of the meantime I fell in love with photography. One day I realized that photography gives me all that was I looking for all my life. A little bit of romanticism, a lot of emotion and a great deal of fun of creating. I quit my job - I just take photos now.

(version for experts)
"Dad, do you always have to be so punctual?"
Ola, 12 yeasr old, daughter